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Customer Service

If you need any assistant regarding the order or product, please contact our support team.


Brand Ambassadors

We passionately believe in what we do and it is our mission to change people’s diet through the technical innovations we have introduced in longdeem. And to get our message out to the world, we need the right kind of ambassador - influencers who share our vision when it comes to nutrition, innovation and style.  Join the longdeem mission today. Any marketing related issues, please contact us.

Brand Distribution

longdeem is on a global mission to make healthy lifestyles a pleasure, not a chore. Our innovative reimagining of the blender has already got health enthusiasts around the world excited. We want to meet this demand for our product, wherever it is in the world. That is where you come in. We are looking for distribution and retail partners who are as passionate as we are about bringing the best engineering and technology to the health and wellbeing market.